Pokemon Go Hacks

How to Cheat in Pokemon GO

Like any game, there are lots of ways to cheat the Pokemon Go, but be advised that the creators would not tolerate it and one day, you might be surprised that some of the cheats that you used on the game doesn’t work anymore.   Anyway, here are some cheats I learned from http://pokemongohacks.website to make your life as a player much easier.

Hire someone to travel to some places to be able to collect some rare items in the game.   Some people are looking to make money in an honest way and one of the best ways to make money is by enjoying your job.  Enjoying your favorite game as you earn is one of the best ways to make money.  Aside from getting rare items, you can also battle other trainers or collect new Pokemon while you are at it.  And since, you are outside; there is a chance that you can collect eggs that contains rare Pokemon.   The eggs can only be hatched if you walk a certain distance

However, you can’t just run in a treadmill and expect to cheat the game since every movement is tracked by a GPS.   GPS are highly sophisticated and you can’t cheat your movement if you are not going places.  Another thing that you need to remember is that driving a car won’t help you with the game as there is a built-in speed limitation and it would know that you are cheating the game.

Strapping the device into your dog might do the trick as the movement is natural and the device would not notice the difference with the movement.  However, you need to remember that dogs like to go outside the backyard and there is a danger of losing the device since the game is a hit almost anywhere you go.  If you are going to do this trick then don’t forget to close the door of the backyard, so your dog can’t go outside.

Strapping the device to a drone.   You can track its movement by mirroring the screen to the laptop.   This is one of the best ways to play the game.  The drone can mimic the pace of a human walking, thus, you can hatch a Pokemon while sitting on the couch.

The game is not that perfect and it can be cheated, but be aware that the game is evolving and you might find out one day that your cheats aren’t working anymore.  Till then, these cheats should help you to grow your Pokemon and grab some rare items in the game until you are ready to play the game.


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